Lunch and Dinner

Prices and availability subject to change


Bacon  & Brie Queso  w/ asst’d crostini  10

Bacon Wrapped Dates  w/ stuffed w/ goat cheese  12

Green Chile Pimento Cheese  w/ rosemary crostini  9

Cigars & Brandy  duck spring rolls w/ sweet chilé sauce  12

Shrimp, Avocado, & Mango  Nachos  tomatoes, parsley GF  13

Asian Pork Belly Skewers  five spice, orange glaze GF 11

Onion Ring Tower  w/ creamy barbecue sauce  12


Share-able Sides

Green Chile Hominy Casserole  GF  9

Spinach  & Portabellas  sauteed w/ garlic butter  GF  11

Brussels Sprouts  pistachios, spicy honey glaze  GF  11

Texas Poutine  mixed fries, green chilé gravy,  gouda  10

Dukka Fries  sweet potato fries, curried aioli, dukka  GF  8

Christmas Fries  mixed fries, two gravies, goat cheese, grilled jalapenos & roasted red peppers  11

Soups & Salads

Creamy Tortilla Soup  beans, hominy, tomatoes GF  5/8

Jalapeno, Corn, &  Lobster Bisque    5/8

Banana Split  cottage cheese, chicken salad, fruit GF  11

Apple, Pecan, & Goat Cheese Spinach  Salad  GF  8

Chicken Salad Salad  LC, GF 10

Avocado Caesar Salad LC, GF  6

House Salad  GF 5

(Add shrimp or chicken to any salad . . . 5) 


orange cream, blue cheese, cactus buttermilk, caesar 


(lunch only)

on a sourdough or jalapeno cheddar bun with mixed garlic fries or salad . Sub a low carb tortilla for the bun , or a portobella mushroom for the burger.

Silas Mustard  burger w/ maple mustard  12

Tale of Two Chiles burger w green chiles, red peppers, goat cheese  13

Fan of Green Gables  burger w/ green chiles, avocado, jack  13

Sure Thing Sherlock  burger w/ green chile pimento cheese 13

Dr. Chickenstein  crispy chicken, jack, buffalo butter  12

Swiss Family Reubenson  corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, rye  12

Chicken Salad Sandwich  w/ pecans, apples, scallions, on a fresh croissant  12


For the Children

 Chicken Strips, Creamy Don Ed Pasta, or Grilled Cheese Sandwich, plus Fries or Fruit   6 



* these entrees are available after 5:00 only    

Individual/Family pricing on select entrees --Family Meals are takeout only

Hot -n- Crunchy Trout  masa crust, red pepper coulis, fries or coconut black rice (GF)   18

Tikka Masala  chickpeas, garam masala, tomatoes, mushrooms, coconut black rice  V  GF  12

Don Eduardo Chicken  linguini, grilled or crispy chicken, creamy pepperoni tequila pasta sauce   14/32

Shrimp Gemelli  grilled shrimp, twisted pasta, avocado, capers, tomatoes, citrus marsala, asiago   16/38 

Christmas  Chicken-Fry   rib-eye (or chicken), green chilé gravy, smoked paprika sauce, red chilé mashers   18/40

*London Brisket Falling Down  smoked brisket, Yorkshire pudding bowl, onion demi-glacé, red chilé mashers   24

Honey Butter Quail  crispy quail, honey butter, green chilé gravy, red chilé mashers    22

*Elk-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin   black cherry horseradish sauce, red chilé mashers   22

The Prince & The Pauper  8 oz tenderloin, fried shrimp, red chilé mashers   36

*Dark Knight  16 oz rib eye, peppercorn cognac sauce, red chilé mashers   GF 38

*King's  Steak   44 oz. tomahawk ribeye, gorgonzola butter, onion crown, red chilé mashers 

(limited availability--call ahead to reserve if you’d like)   75


Coconut Cake

(other selections will vary daily)

A gratuity of 18% will be added to parties of 6 or more.  

Consuming undercooked meat or shellfish increases your chances of a foodborne illness.

Please wear your mask when walking through the restaurant.