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Prices and availability subject to change


Bacon  & Brie Queso  w/ asst’d crostini  12

Cigars & Brandy  duck spring rolls, w/ sweet chilé brandy sauce  13

Nuts and Bolts fried mushrooms & onion rings w/ creamy BBQ sauce  12

Pork Belly Skewers  w/  5-spice, orange glaze (GF) 12

Blue Goat housemade potato chips, goat cheese, blue cheese, bacon, honey   11


Share-able Sides

Green Chile Hominy Casserole  (GF)  9

Spinach & Portabellas  sauteed w/ garlic butter  (GF)  12

Brussels Sprouts  w/pistachios, drizzled w/ honey-chile  glaze  (GF)  12

Christmas Fries  two sauces, goat cheese,  jalapenos, red peppers  12

Texas Poutine  mixed fries, green chilé gravy,  gouda  10

Truffle Parmesan Fries   (GF)  8


Soups & Salads

(Add grilled shrimp or chicken to any salad . . . 5) 

Jalapeno, Corn, &  Lobster Bisque    5/8

Chunky Tortilla Soup  beans, hominy, tomatoes, chips, gouda  (GF)  5/8

Chicken Salad Salad  mixed greens topped w/ chicken salad  (LC, GF) 10

Banana Split   w/ cottage cheese, chicken salad, fresh  fruit (GF)  13

Avocado Caesar Salad  dressing on the side (LC, GF w/o croutons)  7

House Salad  cucumbers, tomatoes  (GF w/o croutons)  5

Apple, Pecan, & Goat Cheese Spinach  Salad  (GF)  11

Dressings:  blue cheese, cactus buttermilk, Caesar, orange cream vinaigrette  



(lunch only)

1/2 lb. Hand-pressed beef on a grilled sourdough or jalapeno-cheddar bun with mixed garlic fries or a house salad.

Sub a low carb tortilla for the bun  or grilled chicken or mushrooms for the burger.

served with fries or a salad

Nicholas NickleBrie   bacon brie queso  13

Earl of Bacon   bacon, smoked gouda  13

Fan of Green Gables   green chiles, avocado, jack  14

Jekyll & Fryde    smashed fries, blue cheese dressing  13

Tale of Two Chiles    green chiles, red peppers, goat cheese  13

Alice in Mushroomland   monterey jack, grilled mushrooms  13


(lunch only)

served with fries or a salad

Dr. Chickenstein  crispy chicken, jack cheese, buffalo butter, croissant  12

Swiss Family Reubenson  house-made corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, rye  13

The Dickens Chicken Salad  on a toasted croissant   14




The Prince & The Pauper  8 oz. tenderloin, fried shrimp, mixed fries   45

Dark Knight     16 oz. rib eye, peppercorn cognac sauce, red chilé mashers   (GF)   42

King's  Steak     44 oz. tomahawk ribeye, gorgonzola butter, onion crown, mashers   Mkt

Christmas Chicken-Fry   green chilé & smoky red chilé gravies, fries   24

London Tower     2 6oz chilé rubbed beef tenderloins stacked with onion rings

and red chilé mashers   46

Wes Wickersham     16oz smoked ribeye glazed with local jalapeno jam, red chilé mashers   45

Hot -n- Crunchy Trout   corn masa, red pepper coulis, fries  19

Don Eduardo Chicken  linguini, grilled or fried chicken, rose sauce  17

Shrimp Gemelli  pasta, avocado, capers, tomatoes,  citrus marsala, asiago   18

Honey Butter Quail  crispy farm-raised quail, green chilé gravy, fries   24

Tikka Masala     chickpeas, curry, tomatoes, mushrooms, coconut black rice  (V, GF)  14

For the Children

 Chicken Strips, Creamy Don Ed Pasta, or Grilled Cheese Sandwich, plus Fries or Fruit   8 



Coconut Cake

(other selections will vary daily)

A gratuity of 18% will be added to parties of 6 or more.  

Consuming undercooked meat or shellfish increases your chances of a foodborne illness.

Please advise your server of any known allergies.

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